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Rhode Island Auto Shipping

Rhode Island auto shipping firms offer a convenient and cost effective way to transport passenger vehicles. You can use them to move your car, minivan, SUV or pickup truck to any location within the country for less money than you probably imagine it would take. Hire a Rhode Island auto shipping company if you are relocating, or if you purchased a car online from the area and want it shipped to your location.

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Auto Transportation in Rhode Island

Car shipping is not especially difficult or as expensive as many people commonly assume. However, to get the best deal, it helps to have an understanding of how such companies operate. Car transportation companies look at two main factors when computing shipping costs: the size of your vehicle and the distance you want it shipped. A Rhode Island auto shipping firm will typically charge you more to ship an SUV or a minivan than it would charge you to ship a two-door sedan. Similarly, the cost to ship a car coast to coast will be substantially more than shipping a car within the eastern seaboard.

Factors That Affect Shipping Cost

Several others factors have a bearing on shipping costs, including the kind of carrier you choose, the pick up and delivery options you sign up for, and your point of origin and shipping destination. All Rhode Island auto shipping companies transport cars either in enclosed carriers or open carriers. You can choose either option to ship your car, but, for most vehicles and in most situations, all you really need is an open carrier. These are uncovered trucks that are designed to haul cars as economically as possible. Your car will be exposed to the elements when it is being transported, but that really is no different from what would happen if you were to drive the car to its destination.

The enclosed carrier option comes with a premium price tag, but offers better protection for your car, since it is being transported in a fully covered vehicle. As attractive as that might sound, the only time you really want to consider this option is if you have an expensive, high-end vehicle or a collectible that you don’t want to unnecessarily expose to road grime and harsh weather. In most cases, car transporters automatically will assume that you want your car shipped in an open carrier unless you tell them otherwise.

Choosing Between Door-to-Door and Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping

When booking your transportation with a Rhode Island auto shipping firm, you will have to decide whether you want your car picked up and dropped off at your home or at the transport company’s shipping terminal. The first option is known as door-to-door shipping, while the second one is known as terminal-to-terminal shipping. If convenience is your primary concern, go with the door-to-door option. However, if you are on budget and do not mind putting in a little extra effort, you can save some money by signing up for terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Booking Your Transportation

You can make your reservations directly with the car transporter, or you can use an online broker to make your reservation. Brokers usually have arrangements with multiple carriers, and will often be able to get you a better rate than if you were to book directly with the carrier. Make sure to compare quotes from at least five or six Rhode Island auto transport companies before you decide on one. Sometimes, you might be able to get a great deal if you are flexible with your shipping dates. Car transporters usually wait for a carrier to be fully booked before they dispatch it. If they get a last minute cancellation, they might be willing to ship your vehicle for substantially less than it would cost you otherwise.

Rhode Island auto shipping firms are professionals at what they do, and are really your best bet for transporting a vehicle into or out of this tiny New England state.

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