Auto Shipping FAQ

Auto Shipping FAQs

  1. Do you know how important my car is to my family and me?

    We understand how difficult it can be without the use of your vehicle. For many of us, our vehicle is an essential part of our everyday lives. We pledge that your vehicle will arrive to you safely, competently, and quickly.

  2. Specifically, how is my car transported?

    At, auto transport is exceptionally simple. After receiving quotes, and choosing the car shipper that is best for you, your vehicle will be picked up directly at your home by the transport carrier. If you’ve decided to use the terminal as your drop-off location, your car will be picked up there. You will be instructed to inspect and document your car’s current condition. If there is any visible body damage, now is the time for you to detail this on your initial inspection report. This report should include both the driver and your signature to acknowledge your car’s condition. Your vehicle will be loaded and secured down on the carrier. At this point, your journey begins. One of our experienced drivers will be transporting your vehicle along with numerous others to their destinations. You will be asked to re-inspect your car at the time of delivery. Using your initial inspection as a comparison at the time of delivery will establish the condition of your car upon acceptance at your destination. Following these few simple steps will enable you to establish credibility regarding your automobile’s condition at the point of initial contact with the carrier and at the time of delivery.

  3. What if I can’t be there when my automobile is delivered?

    It’s important that someone is available to accept delivery of your automobile. If you are unable to be there, you should arrange to appoint a family member or friend to accept the delivery for you. It is extremely important for you to inspect and document the condition of your car at the time of acceptance. If your automobile has been left at a terminal, it is imperative that you take the time to document the condition at the time of acceptance. If you don’t follow this procedure, you may encounter difficulties with your auto transporter in the event damage has occurred during transport.

  4. Do you guarantee your service (delivery dates)?

    Although delivery dates are not exact, you can expect to receive a general time frame for which you can anticipate your vehicles arrival. This time frame will most likely range from 3 to 7 days. This “window,” as referred to by auto shipping companies, is typically dictated by weather, traffic conditions and Department of Transportation regulations. Be assured, it is our priority that you receive your vehicle on time and in pristine condition.

  5. What type of insurance coverage do you carry while transporting my car?

    Your vehicle will be fully insured for its book value while in our possession. Keep in mind that there are exclusions to your coverage. Get the details in your contract. Make sure that you get the details regarding what’s covered, what’s not and if you will have a deductible.

  6. Can I leave my computer in the trunk of my car?

    Unfortunately, Federal and State Transportation regulations prohibit auto shipping carriers from shipping personal items in the body as well as the trunk of your vehicle. It’s just NOT a good idea. Items could shift, causing damage to the interior of your vehicle or the item itself. It’s also possible that damage to the undercarriage might occur. In the event that these reasons alone aren’t enough to discourage you from loading your car up, INSURANCE won’t cover you. Your auto transporter’s coverage only covers your automobile. Any personal items left in your vehicle are your responsibility. Additionally, losses due to theft are not covered by your auto transporter.

  7. My car is a classic. Can you transport it for me?

    Absolutely! We are a wealth of resources. We have the capability to provide accommodations for all types of vehicles – from expensive classic and exotic vehicles to the average sport utility or family mini-van. We can arrange for enclosed car transports to accommodate those with special needs with the click of your finger. Our goal for you is worry and hassle free auto transport.

  8. I believe that I found the perfect auto shipping company. What should I do next?

    The first step is contacting us and verifying your quote. You can contact us 24 hours a day using the online quotation form. Once you’ve had the opportunity to read the terms and conditions of the contract, take the time to detail your questions and verify the answers in writing with your auto transporter. You should have a clear understanding of the entire process prior to returning your signed contract along with your deposit. Once you’ve acknowledged in writing and submitted your contract, your shipping dates will be scheduled. Be confident that you will receive “Unsurpassed Professional Service” from Start to the End!

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