Military Car Shipping Services

Military Car Shipping

If you used your military pay to buy a muscle car and need to ship it home from a military base, investigate military car shipping services.

At first glance, it would seem that after you go through the relocation experience often enough, the hassle and stress of moving simply melts away, and you naturally become an old pro. While experience certainly makes a move a much easier process to deal with, transitions are tough on everyone, and can cause even the toughest customers and most seasoned travelers to break a sweat. Few people travel more often, or on less advance notice, than the men and women in the armed forces, but even they often need a helping hand taking care of the basics of military car shipping.

Getting The Best Deal On Military Car Shipping Services

* Competition can be your best friend. Few people have plenty of extra money just lying around, waiting for the time when duty calls, and moving can be accomplished without petty concerns such as budgetary restrictions and getting the best deal. Most military car shipping services understand and appreciate the sacrifice our country’s men and women make in fighting for our freedom, and few will turn up the chance to help someone held in such great esteem. If you’ve done your homework and find that you prefer the service and the personal attention of one company, but their prices are 15% higher than their competition, don’t be afraid to simply tell the company this flat-out. Once the military car shipping service knows you’d prefer their business, they’re often going to be instantly inspired to become flexible with what they can offer you.

* Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Similarly, negotiating is an underused skill in American society, simply because, in most cases, it doesn’t always get you far. Customers assume that the bottom line is the bottom line, and businesses often present the bottom line with a “take it or leave it” attitude, trusting that many will choose convenience over saving a little extra. However, when it comes to military car shipping services, a different attitude often applies. Most services typically offer discounted car shipping rates to active members of the armed forces, usually between 10 and 15% off the normal cost to ship a car. If throwing in an additional 5% discount is all it’s going to take to secure your business, which can lead to huge word-of-mouth marketing, there’s no doubt it’s a worthwhile investment for the company.

* Ask for references.When it comes to military car shipping, you’re hardly the only one that’s ever had to handle the issue, and you’re likely to come across a co-worker who’s had a positive experience with a national chain, or even a small company located in your city. It never hurts to ask, because you’ll usually end up with some valuable information.