Shipping a Car Cross Country

Shipping a Car

There are many things that need to be considered before shipping a car cross country by means of a commercial auto shipping company. The type of car and the condition of the car will help determine the total cost and the method that will be best to ship the car. When the cost to ship a car is more important than the actual method of shipping it, you will need to weigh your options heavily to determine what would be the right choice for your situation.

One of the biggest decisions to make when it comes to shipping a car cross-country is whether to ship it using an enclosed or open carrier. Both options are a great way to ship a car and both have their pros and cons; it is really up to your budget and personal preference on which way you decide to ship your car.

Shipping a Car via Open Carrier Shipping

Open shipping is a popular choice for many reasons. Shipping a car via an open carrier is a cheap and reliable way to ship a car cross-country or even across the state. If someone wants to ship his or her vehicle fast and for a low price, open shipping is the way to go. Open car haulers are the big trucks you see on the roads that have multiple platforms on them and are usually loaded with several vehicles at a time. These open car haulers can hold up to 10 vehicles at a time, and are a great way to ship several vehicles at once.

Shipping a car cross-country by means of open auto transport is not always the choice for everyone, but it is a fantastic choice for many. Since open car shipping is a reliable and economical way of shipping a car, why wouldn’t everyone want to ship their car this way? There are some drawbacks to shipping a car in an open container, such as exposure to hazardous road and weather conditions where damage to a car is possible. While damage to any vehicle during transport is rare, there is always that possibility of it occurring.

Shipping a Car via Enclosed Carrier Shipping

If someone does not want to ship their car in an open container, what other alternative do they have? They always have the option of shipping a car in an enclosed trailer. These car trailers are fully covered, and are a superb way to transport an antique car, a modified racing car, or any other car or truck that an owner wants to keep protected from any outdoor elements. There is one drawback to shipping a car in an enclosed car trailer, however, and that drawback is cost. Shipping a car in enclosed auto shipping carriers costs substantially more than shipping a car in an open trailer.

Whether you bought or sold a car on eBay and need to get it shipped across the state, or if you need help shipping a car cross country, know that you have options available that will help you get your vehicle or vehicles where they need to go.