Auto Shipping Tips

Auto Shipping Tips

If you are relocating across the state or maybe even across the country, have you figured out how you are going to get your car there with you? Don’t worry. There are plenty of reliable auto shipping methods around today to get your car where it needs to go. The most reliable and affordable way comes in the form of auto transport by truck.

Auto shipping is a service that comes with many great benefits. The key to getting your vehicle shipped at a great price, and by a professional and reliable auto transport service, is to do your research and know what to expect from your auto shipping company. The following auto shipping tips were designed to help you along the way.

Have a Budget in Mind Before You Start Getting Auto Shipping Quotes

When it comes to shipping a car using a professional automobile transport company, know that you have many options available to choose from. It is a good idea to have an auto shipping budget in mind before you start getting quotes and picking out options and services. Like with everything else, your budget will play an important role with the type of services you can choose, and what extras you will be able to afford.

Know Your Auto Shipping Options

Another of the auto shipping tips is that there are really two main choices when it comes to auto shipping by truck: your vehicle could be shipped on an open trailer, or it can be transported in an enclosed trailer. There will most certainly be price differences between the two.

Opting to transport your car on an open trailer is generally the less expensive alternative to having your vehicle shipped in an enclosed auto shipping trailer. However, there is a reason why the prices vary between the two services.

Be Aware of the Differences Between Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping

Open auto transportation trailers are just that: open to the environment. This means your car could be susceptible to many outdoor elements, such as heavy rain, direct sunlight, snow, hail, road debris, and more.

The good thing to remember is that open auto shipping has been around for years, and reports of vehicle damage are rare when choosing this type of service. In fact, open auto transport is so reliable that it is the preferred method of auto shipping for car dealerships all over the country.

Enclosed auto shipping is normally the more expensive option because of the personalized attention a vehicle gets throughout the whole transport process. A vehicle is loaded, secured, and unloaded during the enclosed auto transport skillfully by the auto transport driver, making enclosed auto shipping a perfect option for anyone who wants their car handled with extreme care.

During enclosed auto transport, a vehicle is housed inside of a closed-in trailer, where it will not be exposed to outdoor elements like it would be in an open hauler. In addition, since enclosed auto shipping trailers only have the capability to hold a few cars at a time, the chances of a vehicle incurring damage from others being transported along with it are greatly reduced.

Choose Your Pickup and Delivery Options Wisely

Dropping off your vehicle at a terminal in one city and picking it up in another is an option you have to save money when using an auto shipping service. You simply drop your vehicle off at a predetermined terminal where it will remain until a transport driver picks it up. When your vehicle gets to your new city, the auto shipping driver will call to notify you to arrange a pick up.

If having your vehicle picked up and dropped off at your home, office, or other desired location sounds like something you would be interested in, pick auto transport companies that offer door to door service. Keep in mind that this method of pickup and delivery will more than likely come at a higher premium. However, if you do not live in close proximity to an auto shipping terminal, choosing door-to-door transport may be your best option.

Get Several Online Quotes from Auto Shipping Companies

The final of our auto shipping tips is: don’t sit by the phone calling random auto transportation companies looking for the best deal, especially when you can get free online quotes from some of the top auto shipping companies around. By filling out a quick and simple form here on our site, you can easily get up to 7 auto shipping quotes instantly and all from the comfort of your home.

We’ve simplified the car shipping process by doing our own research, so you don’t have to. When obtaining quotes from our site, you can feel confident knowing that the auto shipping companies we work with are not only the best in the business, but they are also properly licensed and insured to handle your vehicle move – no matter where it needs to go.

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