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West Virginia Auto Shipping

West Virginia auto shipping companies offer a fast and convenient way to ship your car from the state to another part of the country. Hire one of them if you have a sedan, sports car, minivan or SUV that you want transported from the state and do not want to be burdened with the time and effort involved in doing it yourself. West Virginia auto shipping companies operate throughout the state, and can pick up your car from your front door and haul it to where you want it to go at a reasonable cost and minimal effort on your part.

Auto Transport Companies in West Virginia Cities

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Car Shippers in West Virginia

Most West Virginia auto shipping companies maintain a Web presence these days and will give you a free price quote if you provide them with details, such as where you want your car picked up and shipped to, what kind of a car it is and how soon you want it transported. You can book your transportation either by going directly to the carrier or by using a broker. Auto transportation brokers are companies that work with multiple carriers to match customers with their shipping requirements. You are likely going to find a better deal by going through a broker than dealing directly with a carrier. Many transportation brokers also offer free online quote comparison sites that allow you to quickly obtain quotes from four or five carriers.

Tips for Getting the Best Quotes

Keep the following tips in mind when obtaining quotes from a West Virginia auto shipping company:

  • Auto transport companies calculate shipping costs based on the options you choose. Generally, they will ask you if you want to ship your car in an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. An enclosed carrier will offer better protection against weather and road grime, but be prepared to pay more for it than an open carrier.
  • You can have a West Virginia auto shipping company pick up and drop off your car at your front door. However, if you want to save some money, ask them if they offer a terminal-to-terminal shipping option. If you sign up for this option, you will have to drop your car off at the shipping company’s transportation terminal, but your car will be shipped for a lower cost (and as a lesser priority) than a door-to-door option.
  • It never hurts to ask for discounts. Remember, the car transportation industry is extremely competitive, and carriers will go to great extent to acquire your business. Many offer discounts for students, seniors, veterans and active military personnel. Take advantage of such offers.

Shipping from a Big City Will Cost You Less Than a Small City

West Virginia auto shipping companies will be willing to ship your car regardless of whether you live in a major metro area, such as Charleston or Morgantown, or a smaller one, such as Rupert or Rivesville. Keep in mind, though, that car transporters will charge you more for shipping from a small town rather than a big city.

Your car is a critical asset, so, before you hand it off to a transporter, make sure the company is a reliable one. Verify its credentials with sites such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA). Ensure the company is insured or has the ability to compensate you in case your vehicle gets damaged during transit. Do not be afraid of asking for customer testimonials if you want to. The reputable companies will be glad to give you a list of their satisfied customers. West Virginia auto shipping companies offer a practical and cost-effective alternative to a do-it-yourself car relocation, so definitely consider hiring one if you are looking for a way to transport your car from the state.

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