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Connecticut Auto ShippingSome of the most important things we enjoy every day began in Connecticut. The first hamburger was fried there in 1895; picture taking became much faster and easier thanks to the first Polaroid camera, first used in Connecticut in 1934 and the first color TV appeared in 1948. If you need help transporting your vehicle here, don’t jump at the first Connecticut auto shipping firm you come across, or you may miss out on specials that are almost as sweet as Pez candy, also manufactured in Connecticut!

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Five Tips to Save on Connecticut Auto Shipping

  1. Be specific
    When you’re getting quotes from Connecticut auto shipping services to move your automobile, make sure that you are specific about the size, make and type of vehicle you need relocated. This will help to avoid confusion when the final tally is presented for your approval.
  2. Play the numbers game
    Get quotes from several auto shipping companies, anywhere from 3 to 5 places will give you a reasonable range of costs and services. Find out which services are willing to match the lowest price and how long the offer will be good for.
  3. Don’t believe everything you see
    The Internet is a wonderful tool for locating Connecticut auto shipping services, but look beyond the website. In addition to checking on their rates, try to review any testimonials previous customers have placed about their experiences.
  4. Watch the weather
    Even the most reliable Connecticut auto shipping representatives have no control over Mother Nature, so always have a backup date that you can pick up your vehicle, in the event that severe weather delays delivery. If possible, find out what conditions are like in the area where your car will be delivered a few days ahead.
  5. Know your area
    While a good auto shipping representative will map out his route ahead of time, if he is delivering vehicles from one state to another, there is a good chance that he may get lost in an unfamiliar area. To avoid this, when filling out the paperwork, have the correct new address, including the zip code on hand. Also, be sure to provide an alternate means of contacting you, should there be a delay or any trouble getting your car to you in a timely manner.

The goal of every Connecticut auto shipping service is to safely and efficiently transport your automobile from one location to another and provide the best possible service for you and your vehicle. If you are willing to do a bit of basic research in advance, and provide the representative with as much accurate information as possible, both parties can enjoy a successful and pleasant business relationship.

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